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Water Damage Restoration

PLUMR24 has been South Florida’s premier residential and emergency plumbing service since 1990.

With over 30 years serving West Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties, our fully licensedcand insured technicians are dedicated to providing quick and efficient service, getting yourcplumbing back on track as soon ascpossible. 

We’re experts in all things plumbing from leak detections to complete plumbing system rebuilds. Don’t let a tiny leak turn into something bigger, call your trusted professionals at PLUMR24 today!

Water Damage Restoration - Water Damage Repair
Water Damage Restoration - Water Damage Repair

What causes water damage?​

Here at PLUMR24 we know the aftermath of a plumbing issue can sometimes be worse than the issue itself. Water damage is a result of burst or leaking pipes, and at its worst can contain harmful bacteria and chemical waste. This type of flooding is considered an emergency and should be taken care of immediately to avoid health risks. Flooding from clean water sources still poses a health risk causing mold and mildew if unattended. When you notice a leak, be it watermarks in your ceiling or a flooded kitchen don’t hesitate. 

Call the professionals at PLUMR24 and we’ll send an experienced plumber to your location to assess the damage and give you a plan of action to get your home back to normal.

How We Help

The professionals at PLUMR24 have over 30 years of experience in water damage restoration. Our first step in repairing your water damage is to make sure the cause of the damage is taken care of. Our licensed and insured experts will conduct a thorough investigation to detect and rectify any causes of damage.

 Leaks and flooding are the most common causes of water damage and should be taken care of before any restoration occurs. From there we provide a free estimate including a detailed plan of action and expected repair time. PLUMR24 utilizes state of the art drying equipment to remove any current flooding or leakage from your property, then we get to work sanitizing your residence with non-toxic cleaners that eliminate mold, mildew, and pathogens from infecting your home. Once completed we perform a thorough inspection ensuring your home is free from any signs of water damage and potential leaks. Our restoration services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee giving you peace of mind.

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What We Repair

PLUMR24 can repair and restore what you need. Here’s a list of what we repair.

Wood Floors

PLUMR24 can restore your floors to their original condition. We are professional, honest and reliable service providers with over 30 years of experience in the industry who have worked on many projects both big or small! With them you're guaranteed quality work at an affordable price--so give us call today if this sounds like what's up for grabs.


Your carpets may be in need of some tender loving care. Can you imagine how it would feel to walk on a carpet that has been ripped out from under your feet? We've got the solution for this problem


PLUMR24 can help you get your drywall up and running again with a quick inspection, cleaning of the affected area if necessary. With over 30 years experience in this field they know how to do it right!

Kitchen and Bathroom Tile and Grout

Your bathroom and kitchen tiles are in urgent need of repair. Don't let them turn into an eyesore! PLUMR24 is here for you, with quick service that gets rid of all dirt stains so they stay clean forevermore

Counters and Cabinetry

PLUMR24 is here to help you restore your counters and cabinets back into shape. Our professional team can handle any size job, from small repairs all the way up through complete replacements!

And much more...

Whether you’re experiencing flooding and leakage or need to repair a damaged structure PLUMR24 takes the time to ensure your home is in pristine condition when we’re done with it. Call us today for a FREE estimate or send us a message using our online submission form and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible. When damage happens, don’t hesitate. PLUMR24 is here to help.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services

We are here to help

Don’t forget to ask us about regular maintenance and ways we can help keep your property leak and damage free. Our plumbers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and standing by to help you when you need it most! Call us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!