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Finding the right plumbing service for your plumbing and water needs is very important. Our team is dedicated to solving any West Palm Beach plumbing problems. Our 24 hour seven day a week scheduling cannot be matched. Combine this with our superior customer service experience creates the ebay plumbing service in south Florida. You’re home insurance could cover the costs for our plumbing products or services. Our business success is dependant on great customer experiences. There is no budget too small or big for our emergency plumbers. From Palm Beach Lakes through Lakeside Green, we know the building laws and codes to help mitigate any issue in West Palm Beach. From Water Heater repair to whole-home repiping we are here to help with all plumbing problems. Customer support and good customer service around the clock sets us apart from the rest of the competition in South Florida.

Introducing Plumbing

What it is and how it works

We believe in educating our customers about their plumbing systems. This goes a long way in establishing preventative maintenance practices. We want to give our customers more than just our excellent 24-hour emergency plumbing.

DRAIN CLEANING​ in West Palm Beach

Drain clogs can be an annoying nuisance that are often very repetitive. Drain cleaners and plungers work well, but they often don’t clear the entirety of a clog. Plumr24 offers premium drain clog services around the clock. Pesky clogs will be a thing of the past when you let our plumbing professionals locate and remove obstructions.


Drain clogs can be an annoying nuisance that are often very repetitive. Drain cleaners and plungers work well, but they often don’t clear the entirety of a clog. Plumr24 offers premium drain clog services around the clock. Pesky clogs will be a thing of the past when you let our plumbing professionals locate and remove obstructions.


At Plumr24 we will inspect your home’s piping. This ensures that any problem areas are located and discussed. When you work with us you get full control over any and all fixes and installations. We inspect to help you save money and get peace of mind. Our inspection services will help locate any problem so we can fix it as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Plumr24 will repipe your entire home or business. We understand the cost of this service and will only recommend it if it is absolutely needed. Typically, we only recommend repiping if your home or business has old decaying pipes. Older materials like steel piping can break down and put nasty pollutants into your water. These pollutants can harm your health over time.


Our plumbing professionals can locate and fix leaking pipes. Our experience in leak detection and repair will give you peace of mind. We will fix any leaking pipe from a small fix to multiple pipe replacements.

Slab Leaks In West Palm Beach

There are many different causes of slab leaks, but they’re often due to poor installation or neglect. If you see water seeping up through your tiles in the shower area for example then that’s likely an indication there is something wrong with how it was put together when installed by someone else who didn’t take proper precautions against this type disaster! You might want get evaluate what caused them before things progress any further so talk about hiring a professional company like ours soon enough because getting our hands dirty means saving money down below which ultimately saves lives too.


We want to make sure you know the importance of sewer clearing and repair. Don’t let your home be at risk for costly problems like backup or blockages that could result from standing water in pipes, manhole covers leaking into sewers below ground level (which is what causes flooding), overflowing tanks next door leading into our City’s barely working system – all this can happen without proper maintenance! Contact us today if we need help keeping up with basic cleanliness so no disasters will strike tomorrow.


The clearing process is a must for any home.
A waste line clears out all the dirt, leaves and other unwanted items from your gutters to prevent potential disaster in case there are issues with water flow or slippage which can result from an obstruction somewhere along its length – maybe even before it starts! Clearing these lines will keep you safe by ensuring plenty of room inside so that nothing gets backed up when heavy rains come due their ability help reduce flood-prone situations where previously inaccessible areas may now become accessible because they have been made usable once again thanks To our professional cleaners who work hard every day making sure everything runs smoothly at


Sink damage happens for a number of reasons, including damage from wear and tear or if the flange (the base) has shifted due to settlement over time- this is most commonly seen in residential homes where there’s more abuse towards plumbing fixtures than commercial ones experience! In order solve your problem we’ll need you bring us into inspection so that our team determines what needs fixing; once these issues have been addressed -and hopefully before anything else happens!–you should notice an improvement right away.


Toilet repair is one of the most important things to keep up with, but it’s also an area that many people either don’t know anything about or just ignore. As a result toilets can run and leak causing unnecessary problems in your home! You should have regular inspections done by professionals who will find any issues before they get worse so contact us today for more information on how we’ll help you maintain those perfect porcelain bowls without breaking them ounce-by-ounce (which actually doesn’t take very long).


Shower breakage is never fun, but it doesn’t have to be a daily struggle. If your shower enclosure leaks or if the pipe that runs along its bottom cracks then you should take care of these issues as soon as possible because water damage can quickly become expensive and time-consuming! That’s why we’re here for all those who need help with their plumbing problems—we’ll come out on short notice so no one will know about this until after work hours are done (and suddenly there goes half our day).


Most frequent questions and answers

Our experience: We have over 30 years experience in all things plumbing and water system related. We can fix anything from a broken waterheater to entire home piping systems.


Our availability: Plumr24 is open 24 hours a day seven days a week. This gives you year round service and consistent peace of mind. We are always on standby for you.


Flexible prices: At Plumr24 we understand the value of a hard earned dollar. Thats why our services are never more expensive afterhours and on the weekends.

Satisfaction guaranteed: We work tirelessly to ensure your home stays operational. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service that ends in your satisfaction.

If you’re water bill is slowly soaring to astronomical prices it might be time to fix a leaking pipe. Another sign that your home has a leaking pipe that needs to be replaced is your water pressure. If your water comes out as a trickle rather than a steady stream this could me you have a damaged pipe or significant clog. Our plumbing professionals at Plumr24 can easily diagnose any leak or clog and give you practical steps to fix your water pressure. Take a shower with the water pressure you deserve after you consult with Plumr24.

Typically, if your home starts developing a musty or moldy smell, you will be able to find a leaking pipe. If you have visible water damage on your floor or roofing then you could have a leaking pipe.